Testimonial of an MS patient

Summer, sun, hot weather: A pleasure for many of us. But often a problem for people affected by multiple sclerosis. They feel extremely weak and tired. And they are not able to concentrate. When core body temperature rises, MS sufferers often experience fatigue and general weakness. Visual disturbances, drastic loss of concentration and paralysis are also common symptoms. This is caused by the so-called Uhthoff‘s phenomenon triggering off neurological symptoms. In multiple sclerosis, these symptoms are caused by a worsening of the conductance of the nerves when the body gets overheated.

The good news: Cooling helps to prevent these symptoms! As soon as the MS patient cools down, the symptoms caused by the Uhthoff’s phenomenon mostly disappear.

How good cooling feels and how much it improves your life quality tells an enthusiastic Sonja Hendrichs. She tried the E.COOLINE basecap: „Despite MS I have no difficulties with heat in general, but I always have to keep my head cool because otherwise I suffer from paralysis symptoms. With a normal cap the head gets warm even without direct sunshine. My favorite cap cools my head perfectly, is most comfortable to wear und just great.”