to all men suffering from heat


From High-tech to fashion! The E.COOLINE shirt not only makes you look cool, but also keeps you cool. The COOLINE SX3 technology – which generates up to 660 watts of cooling energy with smart fibres in 25 cooling pads and ZM1 air channels. Alongside climate change, constantly rising temperatures have reached us and “Man” is confronted with far too much heat. While a sweat-soaked body is considered rather cool during sports, it is annoying in everyday life and at work.

Air conditioning systems lost popularity since their refrigerating agents and huge Carbon emissions are environmentally harmful and as of late, the worldwide health crisis is forcing us to consider the risk of infection as well. Yet, it is not only appearance that suffers from heat, but one loses focus and performance. Nobody can want that!

Inspired by the new challenges, pervormance international has developed the E.COOLINE shirt, the first cooling undershirt worldwide.

The noble sand-coloured design fits invisibly under any business shirt and of course looks good under any other shirts or T-shirts.

cooling textiles

heat protection for a cool life



Lately sustainability has been one of the key trends in textile industry. E.COOLINE is leading in the area of sustainability and environmental protection, as cooling vests and cooling headwear from E.COOLINE, like all COOLINE SX3 products, have been climate neutral since 2013.

As heat protection experts we are already cooling steel workers and world champions but let’s not forget, also business-men are suffering from heat! That’s why we turned our attention to offices and developed a shirt for heat-affected men. Therefore, the high-tech product and its cool design is now also available for all business men.

It achieves effective cooling temperatures of up to 12°C and also saves up to 97% of carbon dioxide compared to air conditioning systems (analysis by climate partners). This is not only cool, but also environmentally friendly.  The biggest advantage is: everyone cools individually. Of course, this works not only in the office, but also outdoors. And thanks to the patented technology and the DEOXX fresh equipment, you also always stay fresh and dry.

Whether in the garden, when barbecuing or hiking ……..even Premier league football coaches can keep cool on the edge of the playing field, especially as this summer football season may well be taking until August.

The material is light, cuddly and follows every movement. The sleeveless cool shirt is invisible even under white shirts due to its body-hugging cut, good fit and light colour. A must-have that should no longer be missing in any men’s wardrobe. A cool shirt for cool men!